software for synthetic seismograms, dipmeter interpretation and digitizing

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synthetic seismogram, dipmeter interpretation Software




Synthetic Seismogram

  • Quick and easy generation of synthetic seismograms 
  • Commands accessible from menus or toolbar 
  • Imports LAS format well log data 
  • Applies velocity surveys to correct sonic logs 
  • Exports synthetic data for use with other programs

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Dipmeter Interpretation

  • Interpretation of dipmeter data using SCAT techniques 
  • Commands accessible from menus or toolbar 
  • Imports ASCII format dipmeter log data 
  • Plot dip versus azimuth, tangent plots and longitudinal/transverse projections 
  •  Fit data with theoretical fold curves for cylindrical and conical folds   

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QuickDip Dipmeter Digitizer



Dipmeter Digitizing

  • Digitize dipmeters on your screen from scanned logs 
  • Digitize depth, dip, azimuth and quality from tadpole      plots 
  • Saves ASCII format dipmeter log data 

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