QuickSyn synthetic seismogram software


Synthetic Seismogram



  • Quick and easy generation of synthetic seismograms 
  • Commands accessible from menus or toolbar 
  • Imports LAS format well log data 
  • Applies velocity surveys to correct sonic logs 
  • Exports synthetic data for use with other programs

QuickSyn is an easy to use program that generates synthetic seismograms from sonic log data and optional density log data. The main menu items are accessible from the QuickSyn Toolbar. QuickSyn supports import of well log data from ASCII files, including LAS format, and allows the user to save synthetic project files, and export generated synthetic data to ASCII files for use with other programs. Displays are fully scalable on both the screen and printer. 


QuickSyn Features  

QuickSyn is loaded with features that make it easy to use and rival the features found on synthetic programs costing much more. Features include:

New Project

The New Project command or toolbar button displays all necessary data input dialogs sequentially so that data can be easily input to create a new synthetic project.

Export Data

QuickSyn allows the user to save a space delimited ASCII file of the synthetic data for import into other programs.

Metric or English

Quicksyn supports both metric and English measurement units.

Import Sonic/Density Logs

The Import Sonic/Density Logs command or toolbar button imports sonic and density logs into QuickSyn from ASCII files. QuickSyn supports LAS, Rockworks, and paired depth-transit time ASCII formats.

Velocity Surveys

A velocity survey can be applied to the sonic log in order to correct the travel times. Velocity survey data can be input from an ASCII file or entered and saved using the Velocity Survey dialog.

Horizons and Formation Tops

Up to 20 horizons may be labeled on the plots. Horizons can be input from an ASCII file or entered and saved using the Horizons dialog.

Parameter Control

With QuickSyn, the user has full control over most parameters including: sample rate, wavelet frequencies, phase, wavelet length, AGC window, plotting scales, and fonts. 

Download Demo or Purchase QuickSyn


QuickSyn Requires Windows

QuickSyn - $395              QuickSyn Demo - Free

Contact GeoTools at carl@geotoolsco.com to order QuickSyn

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